PKI & Digital Certificates
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a security architecture that has been introduced to provide an increased level of integrity for exchanging information over Internet. The technical basis is asymmetric key encryption, involving a public/private key pair, whereby data encrypted using the private key, known only to the owning user, can only be decrypted using the corresponding public key, available to anybody, and data encrypted using the public key can only be decrypted using the corresponding private key.

Electronic Signature Certificates (ESCs) are the means by which public keys are actually published and made available to anybody, by a trusted Certification Authority (CA), and PKI is the infrastructure which enables & supports this. The crucial fact is that a Digital Certificate cannot be forged, short of compromising the CA which issued it.
As Licensed Certifying Authority, (n)Code Solutions issues Digital Certificates to individuals and organizations all over the country. These certificates ensure Privacy and Integrity as well as establish Authenticity for online transactions. These are widely used in applications like e-filing for MCA-21 and Income Tax, e-Ticketing with IRCTC, online filing for Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), eFiling of import license applications with Indian Patent Office (IPO), e-Tendering with many organizations, and eCommerce and eGovernance applications.

(n)Code Solutions is a major player in issuance of Digital both at the central and state level and has sold highest number of DCs (more than 49 lacs) throughout the country. (n)Code also develops and enables applications to use Digital Signatures and/or associated services.
Benefits to Clients / Sectors :
Technical Advantages :

• Minimize fraud by authenticating the identity of people via the Internet

• Provide privacy of messages by minimizing the risk that they can be read in transit, or by anyone, other than the intended recipient

• Assure the integrity of electronic communications by minimizing the risk of them being altered or tampered with in transit without the recipient being aware

• Provide non-repudiation of transactions so that people cannot deny involvement in a valid electronic transaction.

Commercial Advantages:
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is responsible for offering services required for establishing trusted electronic communications.

• One of the key benefits of PKI technology is the business process optimization, guaranteeing the security of electronic data and eliminating physical paper needs.

• Improves business processes by enabling time optimization, managing errors and reducing costs.

• Improves client and user satisfaction, enabling communications from anywhere and at any time.

• Government / Public Sector: Electronic Administration significantly improves citizen service levels through security mechanisms used offering high trust level, thus increasing citizen satisfaction. Applications like online tendering, online citizen centric services (like birth / death certificate registrations, complaints registrations & Redressal etc.).

• Corporate Sector: In the corporate environment, where any organization’s corporate processes need to be secured, it is highly important for both employees and clients to have a single sign-on system, in addition to electronic messaging and document securing systems. One of the most typical examples of electronic signature use in corporations is generating electronic invoices / orders.

• Banking Sector: In the banking scenario, digital certificates are required to control clients’ access to their banking accounts and to digitally sign transaction orders. In this scenario, secure validation of the digital certificate prior to accepting the transaction will be increasingly important the greater the transactional sum.

• Health Sector: In the health sector scenario, data access control and data protection are essential for supplying information concerning a patient’s health record, which is confidential. Electronic signatures will also be applied to electronic prescriptions, improving the security of the current prescription system and optimizing the process.

• Defense Sector: In the defense sector, data confidentiality and authenticity is particularly important. Stored data, e-mail messages and communications are encrypted with strong encryption algorithms and keys.
Projects Implemented :

(n)Code Solutions is a major player in issuance of Electronic Signatures both at the central and state level and has a subscriber base of more than 7,25,000 customers throughout the country. (n)Code also develops and enables applications to use its Electronic Signatures and/or associated services with some of the major eGovernance projects like:

• Director General of Foreign Trade, New Delhi for online application filing for licenses
• Ministry of Company Affairs’ New Delhi, prestigious MCA 21 project
• e-Filing for Income Tax returns, New Delhi
• IRCTC New Delhi for online ticket booking through third party agents
• IFFCO, New Delhi (all India operations) for e-Procurement
• Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar for statewide e-procurement
• e-Procurement in various Railway divisions like Northern, Western, South-Central, North-Central etc
• e-Procurement for Government of Karnataka and especially for Karnataka Police Housing Corporation
• Gas Authority of India Limited’s online SCM (SAP based) application
• Government of Rajasthan for Commercial Taxes
• Indian Patent and Copyright office for On-line Patent applications
• PKI enabled applications for mJunction, BEML, Reliance and many more

(n)Code Solutions offers different classes of certificates, which includes Class 1 / 2 / 3, for different applications and end-user entities. In addition (n)Code also offers Secure Socket Layer (SSL) web-server certificates and device certificates for securing the VPN and routers.


Awards & Accolades :
CSI-Nihilent Award 2004
Presented for “Best eGovernance Project” for implementation of PKI technology & Digital Signature initiative
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