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Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance Technology is becoming need of the hour in recent times. It is very useful to governments / public sectors and law enforcement departments to maintain social control, recognize and monitor threats, and prevent/investigate criminal or sabotage activities. With the advent of technologies such as high speed surveillance IP-cameras, computers, biometrics and Video Management Software, this sector now possess an unprecedented ability to monitor and control the activities of their subjects. The CCTV Surveillance is most often applied in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, casinos, airports, military installations, and convenience stores.

(n)Code is a significant player in providing high-tech Security & Surveillance solutions based on CCTV and Video Analytics including setting up of command and control Centres. (n)Code Solutions has the capabilities to design, engineer, develop, operate and maintain the IP based Video surveillance system having end to end security solution with complete integration of all the security sub systems such as CCTV, Access control & preventions system, Turnstiles, Boom barriers and Public Address system to secure the mission critical installation. (n)Code develops the security concept aligned to customer's risk requirements and adhering to industry best- practices:

• Design, develop and consultancy services for CCN based Surveillance system
• City Surveillance and securing the mission critical infrastructure like Industries, Costal area, Temples, Hospitals etc
Benefits to Client / Sector :

With CCTV Surveillance and allied technologies like Access Control & Prevention System, Bollards, Baggage Scanners, Explosive Detectors, PA system and GPS Solutions, Government, Public and Private sector organizations can monitor, control and prevent activities in a unified system.

Crime Prevention
CCTV system aids in detection and conviction of offenders. Moreover CCTV plays a crucial role in tracing the movements of suspects or victims and is widely regarded as a fundamental tool in tracking suspects.

Traffic Monitoring
Many cities and highway networks have extensive traffic-monitoring systems, using closed-circuit television to detect congestion and notice accidents.

Industrial Sector
Industrial processes that take place under conditions dangerous for humans are today often supervised by CCTV.

Retail Business
CCTV helps to track the actions of workers, especially when they are making critical financial transactions, such as correcting or cancelling of a sale, withdrawing money or altering personal information which includes Scanning of goods, Input and output of operators in the system, monitoring financial operations with cash, moving goods, revaluation scrapping and counting and other official functions.

Other Sectors
• Mitigation of threats & vulnerabilities
• Homeland Security and Reduction of public crime
• Perimeter & Plant monitoring
• Public Announcement in case of emergency
• Port/Harbor/Airport Security Monitoring
• Construction/Industrial Plant CCTV Monitoring
• Campus/Complex Security/Surveillance

Projects Implemented :

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Security and Surveillance System: Implementation of CCTV Surveillance system at Hospitals, Gardens, Parks, Bus Stops, River bridges, major public places etc..

Gujarat Pavitra Yatradham Security: Total security solution for temples with high footfall via installing CCTV System , Video analytics, Baggage scanner and explosive scanners at four major pilgrim places across Gujarat State – Dwarka, Somnath, Dakor and Ambaji.

Security for Sadhbhavna meetings by Gujarat CM: Total security solution for Sadhbhavna meetings conducted by Gujarat Chif Minister at 10 different locations in the state.

CSITMS (City Surveillance and Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System): Consultancy work for CCTV Security system implementation along with control room and video wall which covers four major cities vide Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Gandhinagar.

Project Details
    • Design, site preparation, supply, installation, maintenance and operations of Infrastructure for CSITMS
    • Design, site preparation, supply, installation, maintenance and operations at various public places in Ahmedabad City
  3. GMDC
    • Apex Consultant for CCTV Projects.
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